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Cats and Air Conditioners

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One cat doesn't even seem to notice it. The other cat is deathly afraid of the A/C fan. He just runs outside and meows at the house all day, as if trying to warn us that there's some monster stalking us from above.

Before nightfall, I grabbed him and brought him in to acclimate. No such luck. With all the exits shut, he just took a round robin approach, polling each exit so that he could get out as soon as one opened up. That's pretty methodical for a cat.

I think today he has decided to find a new home, because I haven't seen him since breakfast.

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  1. Jester's Avatar
    our dogs are similer with vacuums; one only really responds if she's honestly concerned she's about to be run over... the other used to loose bladder control from two rooms away if you turn one on (thankfully he's mellowed and just flees the vicinity now).
  2. nbdyfcnsqnc's Avatar
    Well now the cats have moved with my sister to the other side of the saddleback mountains in Corona. They're terrorized by the two puppies that live downstairs so they're not care-free anymore. They're more like hardened prisoners and live in constant fear.