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Crazy Happenings in World Politics Thread

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  • Crazy Happenings in World Politics Thread

    I suppose in the past I would have put these things in the chatbox, but this is where I'll post nutty news from around the world that probably doesn't rate a thread of its own.

    Pete (thinks this could be fun)

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    Sri Lanka's disputed PM resigns amid crisis

    Mahinda Rajapaksa has resigned as Sri Lanka's prime minister, seven weeks after he was appointed in a surprise move that sparked a political crisis.

    Mr Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka's former president, signed his resignation letter in a ceremony at his house.

    Former PM Ranil Wickremesinghe is expected to return to office on Sunday.


    In October, President Maithripala Sirisena sacked then prime minister Mr Wickremesinghe, replacing him with Mr Rajapaksa.


    On Thursday, the Supreme Court said Mr Sirisena had acted illegally in November by dissolving parliament and calling snap polls with nearly two years to go until elections were due.

    Throughout the crisis, Mr Wickremesinghe has always maintained he is the rightful prime minister.

    The crisis, which has provoked brawls in parliament and sparked large protests, has been closely watched by regional power India, as well as the US, China and the European Union.
    Pete (supposes things are weirder someplace than they are here)


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      it's always good to have a healthy brawl in parliment! It keeps the wankers and weenies out. Think of it as a form of term limits; if you don't think you can make it through a brawl, you'd best not run for office!
      "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." –Mark Twain


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        California election resolved with Dungeons & Dragons dice

        In California, two candidates for an irrigation district’s board of commissioners ended up tied in November’s election and had to make a saving throw last week.

        That’s right, incumbent Larry Enos Jr. and challenger Milan “Pete” Petrovich rolled a 20-sided die to determine their contest for a seat on the Byron-Bethany Irrigation District’s board. And the die was, in fact, taken from someone’s Dungeons & Dragons set. Scott Konopasek, assistant registrar of voters in Contra Costa County, said someone in the office happened to have it lying around.


        That means Konopasek’s office could have gone with a coin flip, drawing high cards or a game of roshambo. But a good ol’ d20 — rolled three times — provided the best chance that the drawing would not end in, well, a draw again. Enos threw a 20 on his last roll, in a dice-off livestreamed on Facebook last Friday, and sealed his win 51-45 on aggregate.
        Pete (thinks it only fitting to win it all on a natural 20)


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          Now, if only we could get more elections decided this way!
          "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." –Mark Twain


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            Grumble grumble (rigged dice)
            They speak in bulletpointese leftist nutjob drivel. It doesn't matter. Nothing is as great a motivator as the chance to truly be free.
            -Mr. Raceboy