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US sends Patriot missile system to Middle East amid Iran tensions

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    Originally posted by Plezercruz View Post

    That would be better, since Israel is a pretty good ally of ours. But really we're entering a war against Iran on the side of Saudi Arabia, and they're not that great an ally of ours.

    Pete (isn't sure Israel likes Saudi Arabia much more than they like Iran)
    The Saudis own us as the primary backer of our dollar and Iran is the threat to the petrodollar. It's that simple.
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      Iran-US tensions: 'There will be no war', says Zarif

      Iran's foreign minister has said he does not believe a war will break out in the region amid concerns over rising tensions with the US.

      Mohammad Javad Zarif told state news agency IRNA that Tehran did not want a war, and that no country had the "idea or illusion that it can confront Iran".

      The US has deployed warships and planes to the Gulf in recent days over what it has described as Iranian "threats".

      But US President Donald Trump has said he wants to avoid conflict.

      Speaking to IRNA at the end of a visit to China on Saturday, Mr Zarif said Mr Trump "does not want war, but the people around him are pushing him towards war under the pretext of making America stronger against Iran".
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