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Don’t Have a Real ID? You’re Not the Only One

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  • Don’t Have a Real ID? You’re Not the Only One

    Americans are not ready for the Real ID Act that goes into full effect a year from now, according to a survey released last week by the nonprofit trade group U.S. Travel Association.

    The Real ID Act was passed by Congress in 2005 to increase security measures concerning state-issued personal identification cards, mainly driverís licenses, that are often used to access airports and military bases and nuclear installations. Beginning Oct. 1, 2020, only Real ID-compliant documentation will be accepted for boarding commercial flights, including domestic flights, and entering federal buildings and military bases.

    Compliant documentation includes passports (which are still required for international flights), passport cards and trusted traveler identification like Global Entry. But a majority of Americans turn to their driverís licenses to pass through security for their domestic air travel, and only 42 percent of Americans hold passports.

    Some 99 million Americans do not have the Real ID-compliant identification, the U.S. Travel Association said.

    Thatís a lot, and concern is growing that once the October deadline is passed, travelers will be turned away from airports when they cannot provide the approved identification at security checkpoints, potentially causing confusion and chaos.

    ďIf Real ID went into effect tomorrow, almost 80,000 people trying to board a plane would be denied on Day 1,Ē the U.S. Travel Association said in a statement on Monday. ďThis is significant not only because it will inconvenience travelers and create confusion at U.S. airports. It could do significant damage to our nationís economy,Ē said Roger Dow, the president and chief executive of the U.S. Travel Association.

    Many states, which oversee the task of issuing and processing driverís licenses and many other forms of documents used to prove identification, were slow to adopt. Some have experienced delays, miscommunication with the federal government and technical glitches in their effort to issue Real IDs​ to residents​.
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    I chose to not to get an updated, compliant, driver's license. My AZ driver's license doesn't expire until 2038 and I have other identification that works.


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      Ihre Papiere bitte!
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        Yep. The United States now a lot of the things we used to accuse the Nazis and the Soviets of doing.

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