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Dick’s Sporting Goods Destroyed $5 Million Worth of Guns

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  • Dick’s Sporting Goods Destroyed $5 Million Worth of Guns

    Private sector leading the way while the morally bankrupt Trump administration fellates the NRA.

    Edward W. Stack, the chief executive of Dick’s Sporting Goods, said in an interview this week that his company had destroyed over $5 million in military-style, semiautomatic rifles and was reviewing whether it would continue to sell guns in its more than 720 stores.

    Mr. Stack was speaking with “CBS Sunday Morning” while promoting his new book, “It’s How We Play the Game.”

    “So many people say to me, you know, ‘If we do what you want to do, it’s not going to stop these mass shootings,’” Mr. Stack told CBS. “And my response is: ‘You’re probably right. It won’t. But if we do these things and it saves one life, don’t you think it’s worth it?’”

    Mr. Stack said that he and his wife, Donna, have been weighing the moral consequences of selling firearms patterned on the AR-15 and other military-style weapons since the February 2018 massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. The couple had learned that the gunman had bought a gun in a Dick’s store. Although that firearm was not used in the Parkland shooting, which left 17 dead, Mr. Stack and his wife met with survivors in Florida.
    "I guess I just hate the fact there is public property at all." - Mr. Raceboy.

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