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    Years ago, I ended Yahoo as my home page because it was National Enquirer nonsense and, I did not want to hear about what a celebrities were doing on a given day. Switching to Google News as a home page was helpful. However, for more than the past few weeks, probably longer, I've noticed nothing but negative commentary from almost all media sources about Trump whenever and wherever possible. The only good things I see being said about him is from Fox and, its ridiculous. Institutions such as the New York Times that I used to think as a reputable source of news is non-stop Trump bashing, the Washington Post, Newsweek, Vox, CBS, CNN, The Hill, MSNBC it's all trash.

    There isn't even a pretense of candor or neutrality with these media outlets. Liberal journalism is in full bloom. I used to think Fox News was nothing but propaganda but they've become center with more than 90% of all media outlets doing everything they can to put this administration in a bad light. There need to be some changes but, I think the problem originates at the University level and, it is a generational issue that probably wont be solved for decades.

    Dan (thinks capitalism, not communism, collectivism, or socialism should be taught in our schools)

    As long as there exists people with religion and a belief in God, there will never be a Libertarian state.

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