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Most Democrats identify as liberals for first time in Gallup poll

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  • Most Democrats identify as liberals for first time in Gallup poll

    Monday's poll found that 51 percent of Democrats self-identified as liberal in 2018, up slightly from 50 percent in 2017. The percentage of liberals has sharply climbed in recent years, Gallup noted, with 38 percent identifying as liberal in 2008.

    Roughly a third of Democrats -- 34 percent -- identified as moderates in 2018, according to the new poll.

    Members of the Republican Party have remained more staunchly conservative, pollsters found, with 73 percent identifying as conservative in 2018 and just 22 percent calling themselves moderate.

    At least 70 percent of Republicans have identified as conservative since 2008, according to Gallup.
    I'm for defending all rights for everyone.

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    zach(doubts people's views have really shifted so much as their views of the other party)
    They speak in bulletpointese leftist nutjob drivel. It doesn't matter. Nothing is as great a motivator as the chance to truly be free.
    -Mr. Raceboy


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      Rush Limbaugh turned "liberal" into a dirty word. That has subsided.

      Today I wonder if "liberal" means the same thing as "progressive" or if it means that you're on the left but not as far as the "progressives."

      Pete (is pretty sure it means the latter, but has heard it used in multiple ways)