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Roger Goodell reportedly requests $50 million salary, lifetime private jet in contract talks

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    This guy has pictures.
    At the precipice, we change!
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      I wouldn't put it past Goodell to be making outrageous demands, especially as initial bargaining positions.

      I also wouldn't put it past Jerry Jones to be making shit up to make Goodell look bad.

      Pete (thinks Jerry Jones is a major problem for the NFL)


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        Who is Jerry Jones?
        "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." –Mark Twain


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          Originally posted by Jared View Post
          Who is Jerry Jones?

          Pete (thinks it's a good read even if you're not into football)


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            ...and gets it.


            NFL Completes Commissioner Roger Goodell’s Contract Extension

            National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract extension has been completed, bringing resolution to a hostile, weeks-long drama in which Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones attempted to forestall the deal.

            A letter from the NFL’s compensation committee, tasked with negotiating the extension, to owners Wednesday said that a “binding contract extension has been signed by the Commissioner and by Arthur Blank, on behalf of the League entities.” Blank, the Atlanta Falcons owner, chairs the compensation committee.
            Pete (thinks this was a $50-million "fuck you" to Jerry Jones)


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              Yeah, it was.
              I'm for defending all rights for everyone.