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Washington Capitals win the Stanley Cup.

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    Wish I could get interested in Hockey. Just can't get a feel for it.

    What I have learned to enjoy is rugby. I would have loved to have been able to play that when I was young. I loved playing football, but I'm thinking this would have been much more fun.
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      More than any sport except soccer, hockey is a sport that's hard to learn by watching TV. The camera simply can't show you enough of what's going on.

      If you have a familiarity for it from watching it live, you can watch it on TV and fill in the gaps for yourself, but without the background, it's really hard to see the big picture.

      Pete (thinks that's doubly true of soccer, as they can never show you more than about half the players at any given time)


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        I watched some of the early Olympic womenís hockey games and thought they were pretty exciting. Some real puck control. But as the teams got better, much less puck control. Like soccer, I canít stand watching 20 possession changes at the center of the rink/field without anything so much as resembling a shot on goal.