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Samsungís blistering 219-inch Micro LED TV will cook your eyeballs, blow your mind

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  • Samsungís blistering 219-inch Micro LED TV will cook your eyeballs, blow your mind

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    You donít have to be a K-pop fan to enjoy LGís new 219-inch Micro LED TVs. But it probably helps. Because at this size, whateverís on TV pretty much looks like real life. And youíd better believe Samsung is blasting some pop culture from home on it.

    Thatís what we learned after witnessing the goliath TV for ourselves at CES 2019. If youíre shopping for your own house, Samsungís 75-inch Micro LEDprobably makes more sense. But if you wanted to see a spectacle from CES, this is it.

    Like all Micro LED screens, the black levels are true, but the brightness at this scale is what really blows you away. When thereís a picture of the sun coming over the horizon, itís blisteringly, almost uncomfortably bright. And the color gamut is outstanding.

    The screen is made from modular panels that Samsung has stitched together to make a TV of almost unprecedented size. One of the things that we complained about last year was that we could see the lines. This year, Samsung condensed everything. The LEDs are closer, so they get a little bit more play, and more importantly, the seams are smaller. The stitching together is much better than it was before.

    If you get really close, you can absolutely see the seams. But thatís not how anyone watches TV. Step back, then step back some more. When you get to about 6 feet, you can no longer see the seams, and thatís still way too close to comfortably watch, anyway. This is a legitimate display technology. You could forgo a conventional projector and get a much, much brighter image.

    In fact, thatís already happening. Samsung has theaters across the U.S. and in Korea that use this type of screen technology. Itís 4K, not 8K, but at this size, you wonít be bothered. It looks amazing, and the contrast is off the charts.

    At CES 2019, it doesnít get much bigger than Samsungís 219-inch Micro LED display.
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    That looks fun. I'll wait until they're curved and I can sit in my armchair at the center of a sphere.
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      How many times have I told you not to call me on this wall??

      Pete (thinks we're not far off from that)


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        I don't want my eyeballs to get blistered...
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