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2013 Honda Accord

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    Honda sure isn't taking any styling risks again.
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      2013 Accord LED Headlamps and Adaptive Cruise for $34K

      LED headlamps are amazing at this pricepoint not to mention adaptive cruise (only available on the top line Touring V6 Trim). It looks like a good refresh of the 2012 car, but most people wouldn't guess it's an all new car. It looks understated bordering on boring, but a lot better than the previous model. But that's what sells in this class and wait until people wake up from the Hyundai nightmare 3 years from now and realize they still have to pay for another two years on the automotive fashion equivalent of colorful '80s muscle pants. I also really like that the nav screen is separate from the infotainment touchscreen.
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        Nevermind the Honda. Your present pic is just damn erie. We get your point that they're the same but, it's just whacked.

        Dan (thinks its more annoying than the dick head pic, so expects it to be around awhile )

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          It's really an incremental improvement over the last generation (what I own now). I can list some of the irritating things about my car if you want to see them, including some minor problems that need to be fixed. Overall I think my Accord Coupe is a nice car and a great daily driver. The little annoying things can be fixed and I'm going to bring it back to the dealer soon to try again. I think this newest generation probably addresses most of my complaints about the car, but time will tell if they improved some of the minor build quality issues.

          If I ever got another Accord Coupe, I'd get the 6-speed manual transmission for sure. I miss it.

          -Jon (is wanting another hatchback for his next car)
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            Looks like Honda will make HFP parts for the 2013+ Accord Coupe:

            I'm indifferent to the body kit, like I am with the 8th generation kit, but I love that there will be another sport suspension. The new HFP wheels look awesome too. I'm really liking the updates to the 9th generation Accord.
            I'm for defending all rights for everyone.


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              Egads. Did they just rehire all the reject designers that Hyundai fired 4-5 years ago?