Poll: Should this florist be forced to provide service to gay weddings?

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Thread: 13-04-19: Doug Honig

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    Both parties are definitely awful but the business owner has a right to be awful and refuse to service anyone. Making lousy business choices is his own problem. The patron has the right to give his business to a different company that will act in good faith.

    -Jon (agrees with both of you)
    What if the business choice isn't lousy?

    Pete (is not sure it is)

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    In my opinion, an easy way to look at this is to compare it to the freedoms that consumers have. As a consumer, I can choose a business based on anything I want and I don't have to explain myself... producers should have the same freedom.
    One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.

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    That baker is currently researching just how much laxative will make everyone at that wedding miserable but go undetected if push comes to shove.

    Pete (thinks 3-4 drops per slice will work)

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    Forgive me if this has been discussed...can the baker just charge more for a particular cake???
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    Supreme Court to Hear Case on Gay Wedding Cakes

    Is a wedding cake speech? When a baker makes a wedding cake, is he or she declaring support for the couple's marriage? Can a baker decline to bake a cake for a gay couple (and defy a state's anti-discrimination laws) because he or she objects to same-sex marriage on religious grounds?
    I'm for defending all rights for everyone.


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