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Thread: 2018 Election Watch

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    Looks like the Pubs found some dirt on Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona:

    Attack ad hits Arizona Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema for past comments on underage prostitution

    In a February 2007 state House hearing when she was an Arizona legislator, Sinema raised concerns about a bill that toughened penalties against individuals soliciting prostitutes, saying, "I don't think that's fair."

    As a former social worker at an elementary school, she said there were "children at my school who were 12, 13 years old and some of these children looked older than me."

    Sinema added that she had "real concern" for individuals who solicited child prostitution and could face a class 2 felony for "unknowingly soliciting sex from a 12-year-old who appeared to be a 20-year-old."

    OK, clearly Sinema is not in favor of underage prostitution. That's the message Republicans want you to take away from this story, but it isn't so. Her comments, though, do seem to indicate some measure of support for prostitution in general, and some measure of sympathy for the men who buy sex. I'm a libertarian. I'm with her. But I'm not going to win any elections.

    For conservatives, by and large, prostitution is unacceptable no matter what ages are involved, so Sinema's comments that some people should get off easy for prostitution with minors is going to infuriate them and convince those voters they didn't want her anyway. It's not so dear an issue to them that they're likely to turn out to vote for it, though. Net effect minimal.

    But for liberals, this is going to be a major pain point. Liberals tend to view prostitution as exploitation of poor young women by comparatively richer and older men, and see the average rich man as the enemy here. That's exactly who Sinema is defending with these comments: rich men. And not just any rich men. Rich men who are having sex with underaged girls. Like Jared, the subway guy.

    That's not going to play well. Sinema is very likely to lose some liberal voters (who can't stomach their defense of the enemy) and some centerist voters (who won't quite accept that she thinks "she looks old enough" is a defense for having sex with a minor). In a midterm election where she's the top name on the ticket, that could be an issue for Arizona Democrats statewide.

    Pete (thinks that overall it's a minor issue, but if the race is close...and it looks like it will be...this could make a difference)
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    Beto O'Rourke takes Texas like Hillary took Arizona.

    Pipe dream. It's fucking Texas.
    "I guess I just hate the fact there is public property at all." - Mr. Raceboy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skooly View Post
    Beto O'Rourke takes Texas like Hillary took Arizona.

    Pipe dream. It's fucking Texas.
    I tend to agree.

    Pete (has no good gauge for how party motivation will go this cycle, though)


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