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Thread: Trump's approval rating: Going down, down, down.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Raceboy View Post
    So eventually the majority disapproves of every President. That just shows how stupid you are to believe in them in the first place.
    Sure, but the majority could still be wrong.

    In any case, this is the main argument behind term limits, isn't it?
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    President Donald Trumpís approval rating has dipped to a new low of 37 percent in the Quinnipiac University poll.

    A majority of American voters surveyed by Quinnipiac between March 16 and 21 ó 56 percent ó said they disapprove of the presidentís job performance. Quinnipiacís last survey, on March 7, had Trumpís standing at a slightly better 41 percent approve, 52 percent disapprove rating.

    In more bad news for Trump in the most recent survey, 60 percent of voters said they believe he is dishonest; 55 percent said he does not have good leadership skills; and 57 percent do not think he cares about average Americans.
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