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Thread: Blood Bowl XIII discussion thread

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    Raise your hand if you honestly thought the Bears would be able to run on the Steelers!

    Pete (keeps all 10 digits firmly at his thighs)

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    In my other league its a 2 QB league and I started Brissett since I drafted Luck, and it worked out this week.

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    Brissett makes Luck worth less, since there's no impetus to rush him back.

    Pete (doesn't think Luck is out of a job or anything, but might take his sweet time getting back on the field)

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    At least Brissett can play the position, Tolzien can not. In the banner on the bottom of the TV it kept saying that Luck is looking to return week 6, but I agree with you that now there is no hurry for Luck since they seem to have plugged the hole.


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