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Thread: Consumer Reports: Activated charcoal health, beauty trend

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    Consumer Reports: Activated charcoal health, beauty trend

    Curious about the recent trend in food, health and beauty? It's called activated charcoal. It's used in emergency rooms as an antidote for some drug overdoses and poisons, but now it can be found in soaps, beauty face masks, supplements, and more as a simple way to 'detox.' Consumer Reports looks into the claims.
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    People will believe anything.

    Pete (bets you could probably make a killing selling snake oil again)

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    crap, I know this one!
    Activated charcoal has a spectacularly large surface area and can adsorb a variety of organics. Great for pumping toxins out of a stomach, and also useful in chemical synthesis/purifications. It's also usually acidic as hell. I wouldn't be excited to rub it on my face.
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