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Thread: Pete's Idiosyncrasies: "Versus"

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    Pete's Idiosyncrasies: "Versus"

    I find myself once again totally triggered by game reviewers who invade my grammatical safe space. This time, it's over the pronunciation of the abbreviated word here:

    One v. All

    In discussing the nature of dungeon crawl games, in which typically Dungeons and Dragons styled heroes delve into a labyrinth full of foes, these intrepid critics pondered whether it is better to have a fully cooperative dungeon crawler, in which you play against the game, or a one v. all dungeon crawler, where one player plays the 'dungeon master.'

    I frankly do not care, liking both formats. But I do care that they pronounced the latter "One verse all." WTH? The word is "versus." I'm not hearing an "uh" sound. Why not?

    Pete (hopes none of you do this, but has to check.
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    I will sometimes hear it pronounced "vee", as in PvP, but u always thought is was understood to be a verbal abbreviation for versus.
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    Versus! Not even close.
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    crap, I know this one!
    Vee is ok by me too; verse better be part of a song.
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    I don't say verse but don't mind if other people do.


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