As Medals Pile Up, Norway Worries: Are We Winning Too Much?

Surpassing its own lofty expectations, Norway has delivered the greatest performance in the history of the Winter Games, winning a total of 39 medals, 14 of them gold. A nation of only five million people has crushed all comers, including sports behemoths like Germany and the United States, in the events Norwegians care about the most.

Elsewhere, these historic results would yield the kind of street parties where strangers high-five one another until their hands hurt. In Norway, celebrations have been far more subdued. The most raucous it has gotten so far is a lot of joyful shouting at the television.

“We always want to win,” said Fredrik Aukland, a TV sports commentator in Norway. “But modesty is a big part of the culture here. And Norwegians don’t go out much.”
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