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Thread: The "Only In Miami" Thread

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    The "Only In Miami" Thread

    Hit-and-run driver tried to get away — then a man took out a sledge hammer, video shows

    A hit-and-run crash quickly turned chaotic Sunday morning when the driver tried to get away, only to be stopped by very good Samaritans — one of whom had a sledge hammer.

    Video obtained by Local 10 shows a silver Infiniti trying to back up and flee the scene after driving onto oncoming traffic. When the SUV attempts to take a side street, a clan of people approaches the car, which sported a hanging front fender, screaming and slamming on the vehicle.

    One of the witnesses of the crash pulls out a hammer and smashes several windows as another person yanks off the car door handle — all while the car is still moving.

    Police confirmed Sunday afternoon that there was a hit-and-run crash on Northeast 36th Street and Biscayne Boulevard in Miami. Officials said the unidentified driver had been arrested and there were no injuries.

    In the footage, one elderly man throws his hands up in the air and shouts “No te muevas!” (Don’t move!”) The man stood near the wheels of the vehicle and the driver then accelerated. About half a dozen people crowded the car as glass fell on to the asphalt.

    The video ends with the SUV finding a path out of the gathered pedestrians. Another SUV can be seen making a U-turn and following close behind.
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    Lingerie-clad woman rides white horse through Miami nightclub

    A Miami nightclub has lost its business license over a video that shows a woman riding a white horse through the venue.

    Authorities say they are investigating Mokai Lounge for animal cruelty, public health and public safety issues, the Miami Herald reported.

    The video shows the horse stride through the venue before it suddenly falls, then bucks and throws its rider — a woman dressed in lingerie — to the ground.

    City Manager Jimmy L. Morales revoked the nightclub’s license Friday.

    “I was disgusted and offended that any legitimate businessperson would think this was an appropriate action to take,” Morales said.

    “This activity was not permitted, and as soon as we became aware, I immediately instructed staff to act swiftly in remedying this situation.”

    Morales said the club’s actions constitute animal cruelty.

    Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber called animal cruelty “an abhorrent and vile act.”

    He said he supported the city manager’s swift response to the incident.

    “What kind of idiot would do something like this to an animal and endanger people’s lives at that club?” Gelber said at a news conference late Friday. “It’s not tolerable, not right, not humane.”

    The white horse was located in Miami-Dade County Friday and deemed safe and healthy, police said.
    "I guess I just hate the fact there is public property at all." - Mr. Raceboy.

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    Just heard the poor horse now has a rash on its back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Raceboy View Post
    Just heard the poor horse now has a rash on its back.
    So, Carl Hiassen is just an unimaginative journalist then.
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    On the drive into work this morning, a rooster hustles around a corner and flies by my car.

    Five seconds later, a City worker rounds the corner in hot pursuit carrying a large net.

    skooly (can't make this stuff up)
    "I guess I just hate the fact there is public property at all." - Mr. Raceboy.

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    We should all chip in and get you a dash cam.

    Pete (wants video)

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    Hit-and-run suspect who drove through sledgehammer attack ticketed 29 times in 10 years

    The hit-and-run suspect who rolled away from Sunday’s four-car midtown Miami crash and through a sledgehammer attack, dragging a fender, appeared to “be high on narcotics,” according to his arrest report.

    Aventura 25-year-old Maxwell Lagutenko definitely owns a past pockmarked by drug arrests, bad driving and other questionable decisions.

    Hit-and-run suspect who drove through sledgehammer attack faces more criminal charges

    Additional criminal charges have been filed against an Aventura man in the Biscayne Boulevard crash involving several vehicles and a bystander taking a sledgehammer to his Infiniti.

    The March 11 sledgehammer attack, which shattered the rear window of Maxwell Lagutenko's car, occurred as the 25-year-old tried to drive his mangled Infiniti west on Northeast 36th Street after hitting several cars. That has led to three felony counts of leaving the scene of an accident and misdemeanor reckless driving to go with the fleeing and eluding law enforcement charge on which he was originally booked.

    Lagutenko entered "not guilty" pleas to all charges. He posted $5,000 bond on March 16.

    Our winner:

    Pete (follows up)

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    Naked man climbs excavator and masturbates during rush hour

    A schizophrenic man gave passers-by a not-so-pleasant surprise as he climbed a 30-foot-tall construction excavator on Miami’s Palmetto Expressway. The man reportedly escaped his ambulance, removed his clothes and masturbated for all to see during rush hour. He eventually climbed down and was handcuffed and taken to the Jackson Memorial Crisis Unit for evaluation.
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    OK, now that I've never seen before.

    Pete (laughs)

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    Every time you turn around, someone new in South Florida is hanging off a moving vehicle – and getting caught on video.

    Why this seems to happen so much in South Florida remains a mystery. We haven’t seen it in Portland or Omaha or Charlotte. Is it the heat? The humidity? We can’t even rely on our usual excuse (“because Miami”) because the latest incident happened in Broward.

    Here’s what went down on the roads of Broward, captured by Chris Martin and posted on his Facebook page:

    Yes. That man is hanging on to the back of a Broward County Transit bus driving along Route 60. According to the Sun Sentinel, the route runs between Broward Central Terminal and 441 and Northwest 15th Street.

    Why does someone jump on the back of a bus? Because it is there.

    This gentleman joins two other recent car-hood joyriders (although we can’t imagine there’s much joy in riding on a speeding vehicle in this heat).

    Back in June there was this guy, clinging to the hood of a car in the express lanes of I-95:

    We had some theories about why he was doing this. But it turns out the event was a domestic spat gone awry. Way awry. Driver Patresha Isidore, who said she wanted to take the car to pick up her daughter when her boyfriend didn’t want her to, was charged with culpable negligence and exposure to harm for driving off with ex Junior Francis on the hood.

    Then there was this guy, also clinging to a car hood:
    See link for vids:
    "I guess I just hate the fact there is public property at all." - Mr. Raceboy.


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