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Thread: Report: 974 Fans Attended Rays vs. White Sox Game at Guaranteed Rate Field

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    I bet it would in North Florida. There should be a team in Jacksonville, possibly Orlando. The further north you get, the more fans you'll find. I played a LOT of ball in N. Florida in HS, and the schools were very good, and had solid attendance. A lot of that had to do with FSU being so good I imagine.

    Speaking of, Indianapolis should have both an MLS team and MLB team.
    From my observations the best baseball towns have professional ( white collar fanbase ) in a vibrant downtown part of the city. You need that guy that works downtown that will leave work early or go to the game at night after happy hour. The tickets are probably a write off from his company and that fills the seats. The families go on the weekends.

    The Rays are in St Pete, which is earths largest nursing home and Tampa residents are not driving there on a week night to catch a game. The lightning ( downtown ) have a massive fan base and sellout.

    Indy could do baseball , they have the ingredients, not sure about Jacksonville.

    Charlotte could pull it off too.

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    Empty Jeet seats: Marlins outdrawn by Double-A affiliate

    The Marlins drew 6,150 fans. The Jacksonville team brought in 6,960 for its home opener Wednesday night.
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