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Thread: Great Strides 2018

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    Great Strides 2018

    Hi guys:

    I apologize for taking so long to post this. The event is this coming Sunday. I have no good excuses, just a bunch of bad ones. For those who wish to attend our event this year, please see my next post in this thread.

    I'll start with a link to my page:

    Another year, and on the whole more good news to report. Anna is doing great (knock on wood). No issues to report...just a clean bill of health. A lot of local kids aren't so lucky.

    I just delivered a bunch of my kids' outgrown video game systems to a house last night. That kid is 3 years old. He's been in and out of the hospital, and is returning again today, so we wanted him to have something to do there. He's not having the kind of good luck that we've had.

    I'm not really sure why we are doing well and he isn't. Maybe it's something we're doing right. Maybe it's just chance. I don't know. I do know that while living with CF has gotten better over the years, it's still pretty terrible most for the sufferers. Our kid, so far, is lucky. She is merely inconvenienced by hours and hours of therapies, by effective seclusion from the outside world (nearly total during flu season), and by discomforts inherent in having the disease. But make no mistake, we are by far the lucky ones so far...

    I also really applaud you guys for your commitment to help out every year. Some of you already have through my daughter's page and Facebook, and I know the rest of you have been waiting on me to put this page up. I couldn't ask for better friends. I understand that your donations are contributions to cure CF worldwide, but I also understand that they are contributions to me, personally, as a friend. I am truly humbled that you consider me and my family so generously every year. You guys are, simply, the best!

    So for the ninth year (man time flies) I ask again, please donate what you can, even if it's a small sum. As always I take a great deal of satisfaction from watching the names scroll on the list, and I go through them with Anna one by one, tell her a bit about each person, and it really makes her feel like she's supported. Accordingly, if you can only give a few dollars, please do and get yourselves on the list. It is very uplifting for her.

    Thank you all for your donations and your friendship.

    Pete (appreciates you more than you can possibly know)

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    The Event:

    This year we have decided NOT to attend the Great Strides official event at Gillson Park Beach in Wilmette

    Please do NOT go there looking for us. We won't be there.

    The reason is simple: There have been too many cases of cross-contamination at Great Strides events because multiple CF suffers attend. For those unfamiliar with CF, there are certain bacteria deadly to people with CF that colonize in those people, but not in "normal" humans. This makes people with cystic fibrosis a threat to other people with cystic fibrosis. Despite a recommendation from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation that only one CF sufferer be present at any given fundraiser, multiple CF patients show up at Great Strides. In particular we had an incident last year where Anna was in close proximity to a CF kid with some pretty terrible and life-shortening infections. We resolved not to put her in that situation again.

    Accordingly we had 2 options:

    1. Attend Great Strides without Anna.
    2. Host a separate walk with Anna.

    Ultimately we decided that donors should actually get to see Anna and that Anna should attend her own fundraiser, so even though we are raising money through Great Strides, we are actually meeting at Techny Pairie Park and Fields in Northbrook for a separate walk event.

    The location has some pretty nice features. For starters, there's seating and shade at the shelter we've reserved:

    Also, as seen in the previous photo, we're allowed to cook! We have to use their grills though (that's the park rule):

    Obviously, we can't use charcoal (it makes no sense to have a CF fundraiser for a CF kid with smoke all over the place) so I will be sliding a propane tank into their grills and using it to cook. Dumb...but smart. We will be bringing food and soft drinks (beer is not permitted, sorry).

    For the kids, there is a playground right next to our site:

    There are public bathrooms! No Porto-potties this year!

    There are also some really nice walking paths for walkers:

    And there is a par-3 golf course right on the site if any of you want to play some golf. There are also batting cages a little bit farther away and a skate park if any of you are suicidal enough to want to do that.

    I hope you can forgive the departure from the Great Strides walk. I hope this is a suitable substitute. I think it will be a really great time!

    Pete (hopes to see a lot of you there)
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    It's closer to us, so we won't complain. Donation inbound soon...
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    Just to get your names on my list, I have made some small donations ($20) in the names of putters who appear to have given to Anna's page directly. These are Bill, skooly, and the Jester Fool. If I missed you (or if you're one of the Anonymous donors) and would like to be seen on the scroll on my direct page, let me know.

    Pete (likes to have all you guys on the same page)

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    crap, I know this one!
    Thanks for covering me; what's the date of the walk? We will be in Chicago the last weekend of August... (Obviously too late, but I can hope!)
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    It's this coming sunday.

    Pete (supposes that was a key fact missing from his post)

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    Jen has had a cold since this week and is still dealing with it. She won't be going and I likely will not either.
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    Nice job beating your fundraising goal Pete!
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    Jon beat it for me!

    Pete (laughs)

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    Well, we had the "replacement picnic" yesterday. Great success! It was dicey with the forecast being for thunderstorms, but we ended up with a nice sunny day (although about 10 degrees cooler than we would have liked). I'll post up some photos when I have the chance.

    Thank you all for your donations, not only do Mary and I really appreciate them, but Anna is now getting old enough to understand how wonderful it is to have your support.

    Pete (will try to get the photos up tonight)


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