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Thread: Anyone Been to Hawaii?

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    You sure they will offer helicopter rides? The summit just blew

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff92se View Post
    You sure they will offer helicopter rides? The summit just blew
    The helicopter ride I was talking about is on a different island, actually the one furthest from the volcano.

    Pete (doubts there will be any disruption)

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    Doesn't sound like there's a whole lot of disruption on the Big Island where the volcano is erupting. I think the recent flooding caused more problems than the volcano is.

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    crap, I know this one!
    Quote Originally Posted by Ronny View Post
    I've never been there, but I did buy some land there a few years back when I was thinking about retiring there. On the outskirts of a place called Lilly-something Estates on the big Island. Probably should go check it out someday.
    Iíd check squatters laws and make sure you arenít at risk of loosing the property
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