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Thread: Cougar kills mountain biker, injures another in Washington state

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    Cougar kills mountain biker, injures another in Washington state

    The cougar appeared to be stalking the two cyclists as they rode their bikes over the weekend in the Cascade Mountains near Seattle. Suddenly, the animal charged, the survivor of the fatal cougar attack told authorities.

    The survivor said he hit the cougar in the head with his mountain bike, and the animal ran into the woods. But as they were catching their breath and getting back on the bicycles, the animal returned and fastened its mouth on the survivor's head, crunching down, shaking the cyclist side to side like prey, Kings County Sheriff's Sgt. Ryan Abbott said Sunday, recalling the survivor's account.

    The man managed to get loose from the cougar when the animal decided to chase the man's friend, who was running away, according to Abbott.

    The King County Sheriff's Office said the two cyclists were attacked along a trail Saturday morning in North Bend, Washington. The survivor was hospitalized. The suspected animal was killed.

    "It's an incredibly tragic story," Capt. Alan Myers of the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife said on Sunday. "It's extremely unusual for a cougar to act this aggressively on humans."
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    What a jackass...running away when a cougar is eating your friend's head.

    Pete (would hope his friends would not leave him behind like that)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plezercruz View Post
    What a jackass...running away when a cougar is eating your friend's head.

    Pete (would hope his friends would not leave him behind like that)
    +1 Even though I feel bad saying it, it's kinda poetic justice.

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    I'm surprised the guy was willing to use the bike.

    (Jeff knows how sensitive people get about their $3,000 bikes)

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    Cougar That Killed Cyclist Was Underweight, Likely Desperate

    A rare fatal encounter in Washington State, which left another mountain biker injured, may point to wider questions about our evolving coexistence with big predators.


    In most situations, the best way to deflect a cougar attack is to make yourself appear as large as possible, shout, slowly back away, and throw whatever is within reach. A recent study shows that if you run, the odds that you will be attacked increaseóand the odds that it will be a fatal attack also go up (scientists suspect this is because running triggers the pumaís natural predatory response).

    Most importantly, if the cat still decides to attack, fight back.


    Why this didnít work for Sederbaum and Brooks, who apparently swung a bicycle at the cat, is still a mystery, but Elbroch and others suspect itís because the cat was in very, very bad shape. A young male, the puma weighed about 100 pounds and was quite emaciated, possibly the result of disease, injury, poisoning, or who knows what.
    Pete (loves that "who knows what" at the end...journalism!)

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    I don't have to outrun the couger. I just have to outrun everyone else with me!

    Steve (has a bum ankle and would likely be the one eaten)
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    If you look at the photos, that cougar took down a VERY big guy.

    Pete (is impressed)


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