If you don't have the right to defend your rights, you don't have any rights.

I have not idea if this guy had a legitimate parole violation, but that's not what I'm taking issue with. I'm taking issue with the judge's gag order that forced media outlets to completely scrub the story from all media! Straight out of 1984.

A leaked version of the media gag order, signed by “His Honour Judge Marson QC,” claims silencing the media about the secret proceedings “appears to be necessary for avoiding a substantial risk of prejudice to the administration of justice.” As such, the publication of “any report of these proceedings” must be “postponed until after the conclusion of the trial” of the Islamic grooming gang that was trafficking and sexually exploiting young British children. Incredibly, the court order somehow succeeded in getting even foreign media outlets with U.K. operations — including Breitbart News, Russia's RT, and other outlets — to delete their articles on the scandal. More than a few British newspapers and media outlets were also forced to delete their articles, with readers now simply getting error messages.