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Thread: Chairman Of Papa Johnís Resigns After Report That He Used Racial Slur

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    ďAccording to the complaint, after Maher referred to himself as a Ďhouse nóerĒ on the June 2, 2017, episode of ĎReal Time with Bill Maher,í Anthony organized her African-American co-workers in response to the racial slur,Ē THR reports. ďShe says she asked the company to hold a meeting to discuss Maherís comments. Subsequently, Anthony says she was subjected to a series of adverse employment actions, culminating in her termination.Ē
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    Quoting someone is not, in and of itself, a defense (see Season 1, Episode 2 of The Office; Michael quoting Chris Rock). Demonstrating the actions of others is also not a defense (imagine me slapping some coworker's ass, then telling people "We don't do that.") Any white person uttering that word in any context is unwise, but it is potentially redeemable.

    Context is what matters. And while the context of the individual phrase uttered by Mr. Schnatter may have been benign, the broader context is that he's come out publicly against the kneeling black players and in support of President Trump, and now this. Maybe not fair, but there's a pattern here, and it's hard to overlook it. At best it's just stupidly horrible optics.

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    So, we ate Papa John's the other night and I got the 1 minute survey email.

    The question was "How likely would you be to recommend Papa John's to a friend (on a scale from 1-10) and why?" My reply was "Depends on whether you're asking about my white friends or my black friends." I really wish I could see the person's face who has to read that response.
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    Is Papa finally done swinging from Peyton's nuts?


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