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Thread: Endangered black rhinos die in Kenya reserve

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    Endangered black rhinos die in Kenya reserve

    Endangered black rhinos die in Kenya reserve

    Seven endangered black rhinos have died while being transported to a new wildlife reserve in Kenya, reports say.

    Wildlife officials are still trying to establish why the critically endangered animals failed to survive the trip.


    The deaths during the relocation process were confirmed by officials speaking anonymously to AFP, although they said the reason why the animals died was not yet clear.
    Pete (wonders if there are shenanigans involved)

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    crap, I know this one!
    How could there not be shenanigans?
    They speak in bulletpointese leftist nutjob drivel. It doesn't matter. Nothing is as great a motivator as the chance to truly be free.
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    Never mind, I could just read the article first...
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    Bad Pete. Forgot Hanlon's Razor:

    Why 8 Endangered Rhinos Died in Mission to Save Them

    A mission meant to save critically endangered rhinoceroses by transferring them to a wildlife sanctuary in Kenya has ended in tragedy, with the deaths of eight of the odd-toed ungulates, according to Kenya's Ministry of Tourism.

    But the culprit wasn't poaching. Rather, it was likely salty water, the ministry said.

    Preliminary investigations showed that once the black rhinos (Diceros bicornis) arrived at the newly created sanctuary in Tsavo East National Park, they gulped down water with a high salt content. The more salty water the rhinos drank, the thirstier they became, leading to a vicious cycle, the ministry reported on July 13.
    Pete (gently places his forehead in his open hand)

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    Probe launched as one more black rhino dies after Kenya transfer

    Authorities in Kenya have launched an independent investigation into the deaths of critically endangered black rhinos during their transportation from one national park to another.

    A total of nine rhinos died, Tourism Minister Najib Balala told reporters on Tuesday in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, raising the toll from the eight reported on Friday.


    The death of the animals is another blow for Kenya, where wildlife tourism is a major attraction, after the world's last male northern white rhino died in March, leaving only two females of its subspecies alive.

    In May, three black rhinos were killed by poachers in Kenya's Meru National Park.
    At this rate they'll conserve them into extinction!

    Pete (can't wait for the investigation results)


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