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Thread: Apparently Jay Cutlers New Reality Show is HILARIOUS

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    crap, I know this one!

    Apparently Jay Cutlers New Reality Show is HILARIOUS

    These articles about the first two episodes are priceless.

    The show’s producers seem to be aware of the magic they’ve captured by convincing Jay Cutler—someone who should absolutely not be on a reality TV show—to fully participate in a reality TV show. In the first episode alone, they employ him perfectly as a source of comedic relief, cutting away from a dramatic argument between two Uncommon James employees to Cutler doing something hilariously boring and pointless. In the first scene of the first episode, Cutler rolls into the family kitchen with a giant YETI cooler full of elk meat:

    Jay Cutler’s Quote of the Week
    Before Kristin heads off to boot camp, which she says is one of the hardest workouts she’s ever done, Jay Cutler puts her in her place: “I think our levels of what’s hard are a little different.” Jay Cutler said this; the man who gets cigarettes Photoshopped into his mouth on a daily basis said this. I guess I never realized what a fitness fanatic Jay Cutler was while he was in the NFL. Cut me some slack, though. I was just taking Jay Cutler at his word when he said things like, “The good thing is I play quarterback so I don’t have to be in that great cardiovascular shape.”
    Sorry if sports is the wrong forum, I was unsure where to stick it.
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    Jen watches it sometimes, I think. I can't stand looking at that guy's face. He may be one of the nicest, coolest guys but, boy, does he have the face of a douche bag.

    He's the hardest working guy in the NFL!
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