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Thread: Lake Shore Drive anti-violence march to begin Thursday afternoon

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    Lake Shore Drive anti-violence march to begin Thursday afternoon

    People planning to participate in an anti-violence march that would shut down Lake Shore Drive on Chicago's North Side Thursday afternoon said they're willing to be arrested.

    Organizers said the march will begin at 4 p.m. at Belmont Avenue and Lake Shore Drive, head west on Belmont to Clark Street, then north to Wrigley Field, where the Chicago Cubs will be playing the San Diego Padres starting at 7:05 p.m.

    This is stupid. No one wants violence but pissing off people isn't going to garner sympathy.
    I'm for defending all rights for everyone.

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    crap, I know this one!
    Someone should just go pick a fight with those guys.
    They speak in bulletpointese leftist nutjob drivel. It doesn't matter. Nothing is as great a motivator as the chance to truly be free.
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    Why don't they do their protest where the violence actually is and see how that goes?
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    This is the dumbest thing ever. I heard there wasn’t even as big a group as expected. Next.
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