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Thread: What Are Capitalists Thinking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by electrician1976 View Post
    The populace in general. The pro socialist argues against our current corporatism/cronyism in favor of their desired model. The pro capitalist argues against socialism with a laissez faire system that we've never had or never will have. Neither side is more honest than the other in these debates.
    Neither side knows what capitalism is!
    "Democracy is a form of worship. It is the worship of jackals by jackasses." H.L. Mencken

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    Fun watching free market conservatives complaining about monopolies when it comes to social media banning Alex Jones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Raceboy View Post
    Neither side knows what capitalism is!
    That's because it's the absence of that thing they both think it is.

    Pete (thinks that 90% or more of Americans thinks "capitalism" is synonymous with "pro-big-business")

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    Not everyone can read and understand Human Action. After about the 50th $200 word, I could no longer keep track of their meanings and had to bow out.


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