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Thread: White Doctor Arrested at Orlando Airport Complains of Being Treated Like a ‘Black Person’

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    I wouldn't let a doctor that does that bizarre/racist behavior to operate on me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plezercruz View Post
    So take off without him. Did they need to arrest him? Same as dragging the guy off the plane...totally unnecessary. Let the guy scream and make an ass of himself, and take off without him.

    Pete (doesn't think this guy rated cops)
    Haven't watched the video. If he'd have walked away like an adult, I'm sure there wouldn't have been an arrest.

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    An arrest report says Epstein was removed from a ticket line and told he was prohibited from flying because of his behavior, frothing at the mouth while yelling obscenities.

    Police say he continued yelling and refused orders to leave the airport. After he resisted being handcuffed, he was taken down and pepper-sprayed. He said he "created a very big disturbance on purpose" to make a point about customer service.

    Epstein runs a geriatric practice in Lakeland.
    Would have guessed he was a proctologist.
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