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Thread: 18-08-30: Dr. John Sigle

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    18-08-30: Dr. John Sigle

    Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, multiple sex symbol type pro-athletes get pedicures. It's a regular portion of their regimen, a part of staying on the field. When you rely on your feet to perform, the last thing you need is pain.
    - Dr. John Sigle, a clinical podiatrist, dispelling the stigma of pedicures for men.
    "I guess I just hate the fact there is public property at all." - Mr. Raceboy.

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    Never had one but actually thinking about getting one before my Grand Canyon Hike.

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    I spent years buying into the stigma. Then I got one.

    I also get the reflexology, which is a 25 minute foot and lower leg massage. Heaven.
    "I guess I just hate the fact there is public property at all." - Mr. Raceboy.

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    Yeah, i want the foot rub part.
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    My brothers-in-law go to this man-spa in the city every year. They've invited me along from time to time. You get haircut, shave, facial, manicure, and yes...pedicure.

    Pete (considers virtually all of it to be a waste of time and money, but found it somewhat pleasant)

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    I wouldn't go out of my way for one, but wouldn't turn one down either.


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