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Thread: US Open 2018: Serena Williams' claims of sexism backed by WTA

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    The coach admitted to giving hand signals, not sure if she saw them or not, but its cheating and she got warned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by electrician1976 View Post
    Not something I would have done. I’m a non confrontational person. But I do get angry when someone attacks my character. Apparently it crossed her line. There’s no doubt in my mind that she’s getting the backlash she’s because of who she is.
    She's getting backlash because she cheated then had a fit about getting punished for it.

    Pete (thinks you can attribute it to race or gender all you want, but it is now known she was guilty as charged)

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    Her claims aren't even accurate:

    But assessing code violations for coaching is not uncommon, according to information provided by the ITF. Of the 31 code violations assessed during the three Grand Slams before the US Open, 11 of them were for coaching — more than any other code violation.

    Because Williams was issued a warning for the coaching violation, she was immediately assessed a code violation when she slammed her racket onto the court and received a point penalty.

    During the three previous Grand Slams — the French Open, Wimbledon and Australian Open — men were assessed 59 code violations, almost twice as many as the women. The men were issued violations for coaching nine times and the most common violation was abuse of racket/equipment 19 times.
    Serena's claim that men get away with worse is specious. They get penalized more than the women, not less.

    Pete (supposes that might be because women "know their place" but doesn't think so)

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    Feel sorry for the young mixed race girl that won her first Wimbledon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff92se View Post
    Feel sorry for the young mixed race girl that won her first Wimbledon.
    Nitpicking, but she won the US Open. She lost to Venus Williams at Wimbledon, taking third.

    Pete (adds that Osaka was #7 in the world coming into the US Open, so her win is not that incredible a shock)

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    She was destroying Serena with her returns. She made her look slowwwww...
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Raceboy View Post
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    Forgive me if I don't shed a tear for her victimhood.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dusty View Post
    Martina Navratilova: What Serena Got Wrong -
    “Just because the guys might be able to get away with it doesn’t mean it’s acceptable.”
    Letting the guys get away with it is not acceptable either.

    She's right to complain about a double standard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skooly View Post
    Letting the guys get away with it is not acceptable either.

    She's right to complain about a double standard.
    The evidence shows that the men are getting nailed for abusing officials at a much higher rate than the women. Serena is only right if the men are abusing officials at a much much higher rate than the women and only getting penalized at a higher rate. Even then, it's a tough sell for her.

    There's also this now:

    Tennis umpires reportedly considering boycott of Serena Williams matches

    Stung by what they perceive as a lack of institutional support for the chair umpire who gave Serena Williams a game penalty late in the U.S. Open women’s final, which set off a firestorm of criticism, other umpires are reportedly discussing the possibility of boycotting her matches. Top umpires are also considering the formation of a union, according to a report Tuesday, in part because they are not allowed to discuss specific matches.

    Williams was free to speak her mind after losing, 6-2, 6-4, Saturday to Japan’s Naomi Osaka, and she accused chair umpire Carlos Ramos of sexism. He had given her a warning for coaching, then a point penalty for smashing her racket and, after she repeatedly expressed frustration, including calling him a “thief,” Ramos levied the game penalty for verbal abuse.


    A report by The Times of London cited an anonymous official who claimed that umpires felt they were frequently “not supported” by the USTA and that Ramos was “thrown to the wolves for simply doing his job and was not willing to be abused for it.” That has led to talk of a boycott, with the Guardian reporting that umpires feel Ramos was “hung out to dry” while “no one is standing up for officials,” lending renewed energy to long-standing discussions about unionizing.

    “Umpires don’t have any independent means of representation and are employed by the governing bodies,” a source told The Guardian. “If talking to the media is not allowed, and governing bodies are speaking out against them, what are umpires supposed to do?”
    Pete (can't argue with that)

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    Quote Originally Posted by skooly View Post
    Letting the guys get away with it is not acceptable either.

    She's right to complain about a double standard.
    After watching the clips and reading Martina Navratilova’s analysis, it appears Williams was in no position to complain about anything in this instance.
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