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Thread: Is Europe Seeing a Nationalist Surge?

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    Is Europe Seeing a Nationalist Surge?

    Europe and nationalism: A country-by-country guide

    Across Europe, nationalist and far-right parties have made significant electoral gains.

    Some have taken office, others have become the main opposition voice, and even those yet to gain a political foothold have forced centrist leaders to adapt.

    In part, this can be seen as a backlash against the political establishment in the wake of the financial and migrant crises, but the wave of discontent also taps into long-standing fears about globalisation and a dilution of national identity.

    Although the parties involved span a broad political spectrum, there are some common themes, such as hostility to immigration, anti-Islamic rhetoric and Euroscepticism.
    Short answer: Yes.

    Pete (thinks the country-by-country analysis at that article is really good)

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    Europe is always in a Nationalist state.
    At the precipice, we change!
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