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Ebola is now largely curable, new clinical trials suggest

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  • Ebola is now largely curable, new clinical trials suggest

    In August 2018, an Ebola outbreak struck a conflict zone in the Democratic Republic of Congo's North Kivu province. It soon spread elsewhere throughout the nation of 81.3 million people, many of whom are embroiled in battles over DRC's valuable minerals. By April, the outbreak had become the second worst ever recorded, and by June it had killed at least 1,357 Congolese.

    But a recent clinical trial that compared the efficacy of four Ebola treatments brings good news.

    "From now on, we will no longer say that Ebola is incurable," said Dr. Jean-Jacques Muyembe, the director general of the Institut National pour la Recherche Biomédicale in DRC, which has overseen the trial. "These advances will help save thousands of lives."

    In November 2018, doctors in DRC began randomly assigning Ebola patients one of four treatments: an antiviral drug named remdesivir, or one of three drugs made of monoclonal antibodies, which are a set of immune cells cloned from a parent cell. ZMapp — one of the three drugs that use monoclonal antibodies — has long been considered the most effective treatment for Ebola. In the clinical trial, it helped lower mortality rates among Ebola patients to about 49 percent. (Patients who don't receive any treatment have a mortality rate of roughly 75 percent.)
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    This is excellent news; there is still a dire need for an orally available small molecule therapeutic that could be stockpiled and cheaply distributed (mAbs are notoriously fragile and typically require parenteral administration — IV). Additionally, the spectrum is limited (won’t work on Marburg Virus or other related flioviruses beyond ebolavirus), however, this proof of concept suggests other narrow spectrum mAbs for similar viruses would be developable.

    Im glad they worked so well.

    zach(has been hearing doom and gloom from mAb people in the field, but they were all involved in ZMapp, which did fail, so this was a pleasant surprise)
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      Don't worry. There are plenty more out there to worry about. Evolution rules.
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