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16 US Marines arrested for alleged crimes including human smuggling and drug-related offenses

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  • Plezercruz
    There's a saying I picked up somewhere along the way. I'm not sure if it's original or if someone else said it, but google seems unaware of it. It goes:

    "The number of people who know a secret is equal to the square of the number of people you tell it to plus yourself."

    So if you have a secret and tell nobody, only you know it.

    Tell one person and assume 4 people know.

    Tell two people and assume 9 people know.

    And so on.

    In this case, a secret op involving 16 people was almost inevitably going to become public. You can't possibly expect 16 people to keep their mouths shut. It was only a matter of time.

    Pete (thinks if not for today's laser focus on illegal immigration, we'd just consider these assholes to be drug smugglers)

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  • 16 US Marines arrested for alleged crimes including human smuggling and drug-related offenses

    Sixteen US Marines were arrested Thursday for alleged involvement in various illegal activities ranging from human smuggling to drug-related offenses, according to a statement from the Marine Corps.

    The arrests took place in a dramatic fashion on Thursday morning at Camp Pendleton, California, during a battalion formation.
    "Information gained from a previous human smuggling investigation precipitated the arrests," the statement said. "None of the Marines arrested or detained for questioning served in support of the Southwest Border Support mission."
    Eight other Marines were also questioned on their involvement in alleged drug offenses unrelated to today's arrests, the Marine Corps said.A US official told CNN that Thursday's arrests are related to an incident that occurred earlier this month in which two Marines from Camp Pendleton were charged with transporting undocumented immigrants for financial gain.

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